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1.42sfive, six, seven o'clock, eight o'clock
5.72snine, ten, eleven o'clock, twelve o'clock rock we're gonna rock around the world tonight Oh, this sucks.
2.34sCome on, snipers, where are you?
1.13sBart, who's winning?
2.3sYou-Hate-Dad by a touchdown.
3.09sGo! Go! Go! Go! Yay!!
3.05sAnnouncer: ...for halfback Dan Beerdorf.
3.09sDuff Dry has won the Duff Bowl.
0.8sThey wanted it more.
3.7sHomer, didn't you say if Duff Dry wins your daughter loves you?
1.37sNot Duff Dry, Washington.
2.54sOkay, okay, they're both great teams.
1.13s- Yay! - Yay!
1.74sTouchdown, Redskins.
2.02sAll right, we're back in business.
4.87sWell, I'm glad some people could resist the lures of the big game.
1.27sI forgot the game!
2.85sIt all comes down to this one play.
6.62sIf Washington scores, happy fans will be looting and turning over cars in our nation's capital tonight.