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1.2sThat's great, Troy.
3.77sOoh! Looks like we're almost ready for the kickoff.
1.02sWashington kicks.
2.54sOh, it's a bad kick, way too short.
1.95sBuffalo starts in excellent position.
1.97sBuffalo's going to win.
1.1sLisa hates me.
1.77sWhat did you bet?
1.3sMy daughter.
1.23sWhat a gambler.
8.44sAnd with the score at the half Buffalo 14, Washington 7 it's time for the never-tedious Super Bowl halftime show.
8.27sPeople of Earth, we've come ten billion light-years to bring you this halftime message of peace.
1.6sOne, two, three o'clock, four o'clock