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2.94sMaybe that's the problem. They're all idiots in Washington.
1.33sInstead of a smart guy,
2.2swe should send a moron they can relate to.
1.52sYeah. Yeah. Good thought.
3.02sBut Where are we going to find someone within the company who's that stupid?
2.1sYeah. And not just stupid. Fat, too.
2.14sThat's exactly what we need.
3.17sHey, Wait a second. Didn't we just make a fat, stupid guy president?
1.28sYou bet we did.
2.84sGentlemen, our new tobacco lobbyist is...
1.92sThat Guy!
2.22sDiamonds, daisies
2.25ssnowflakes, That Guy
3.12srainbows, springtime
1.63sis That Guy
4.07sHe's tinsel on a tree
1.15sHe's everything
2.89sthat every guy should be
2.45sSable, popcorn