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1.4sBravo, Lois.
2.4sThe last horse finally crosses the finish line.
3.34sAll these months I should've been paying attention to what you've been sayin'.
2.37sYou're an evil child. Why?
1.67sWhy did I have to go and smoke pot
1.12swhen I was pregnant with you?
1.94sCheer up, Mother. You should be proud.
2.83sYou've given birth to the future emperor of the world.
1.93sPity you won't be around to enjoy it.
0.98sLois. Lois!
1.08sUh? Mmm?
1.23sWhat's the matter?
1.9sOh. I just had the strangest dream.
3.04sSomething about Stewie and Cheerios.
1.47sHa. It's gone.
2.84sWell, come on, get up. It's opening day for the Sox.
2.2sHey, Chris, Meg, we're going to Fenway!
3.17sPeter, You can't just pull the kids out of school for a baseball game.
3.35sThere's nothing these Kids learn in school they can't learn on the street.