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2.27sThe coffee is delicious, Martha.
3.75sA little chicory perks up the taste of roasted coffee beans.
1.2sIt's a good thing.
2.1sWell, I think it's a crappy thing!
2.67sIn fact, this is my last cigarette, ever.
3.75sYou make me sick, letting yourselves be bought off with a few lousy perks.
1.67sOh, I beg to differ.
1.97sOh, You don't need to park here, Mr. Griffin.
2.15sYou have an executive parking space now.
2.15sBut that looks exactly like my old space.
2.67sYeah, but this one comes with your own company SUCK-UP.
1.27sMorning, Mr. griffin. Nice day.
1.63sAh, It's a little cloudy.
2.6sIt's absolutely cloudy. One of the worst days I've seen in years.
1.47sSo, Good news about the Yankees.
1.47sI hate the Yankees.