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1.2sWhat the hell?
2.85sEl Dorado Cigarettes? That's who bought your company?
2.75sOh, my God! They're trying to corrupt our children!
5.94sWell, What do you expect? Those bastards turned a whole generation of Americans into smokers with their damn subliminal advertising.
1.35sTimmy, where's Lassie?
1.74sShe's out in the orchard, Ma.
2.74sPeaches are coming in mighty early this year.
1.38sYou know what they say, Timmy.
2.3s"Early peaches, long summer."
1.52sWhat's that, Lassie?
1.5sAre you smoking yet?
3.14sPeter, if kids see this doll, they're gonna think smoking's ok.
3.14sYou have to talk to these new bosses of yours first thing in the morning.
2.32sDon't you worry, Lois. I'll set 'em straight.
1.4sJust like I did with CHRIS.
1.27swhat's the blowhole foR?
2.23sI'll tell you what it's not for, son.