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2.48sWhy have you forsaken mE?
1.5sUh, mis--mis-- Mr. Weed?
4.12sUm, I heard you ran into my identical twin brother at the ball game yesterday.
3.02sAnd If you don't buy that, I'm sorry I was at the ball game yesterday.
2.25sPeter, I just received terrible news.
3.39sThis company has been taken over by a conglomerate.
2.24sAfter 23 years of faithful service,
1.47sI've been terminated!
3.19sWow. The business world sure is funny.
5.37sHey Dilbert, what do you call it when a guy in middle management moves all the way to upper management?
1.53sI don't know. What do you call it?
1.23sA promotion.
2.47sOh, Thanks. Here's a memo.
2.1sWell, Sometimes the business world's funny.
3sAnd So, on behalf of the El Dorado Cigarette Company,
3.02sI'd like to welcome you to our family.
3.04sI think you'll be very happy with the changes we've made.