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1.95sYes! Yeah! Woo!
3.14sAll right! I'm the man! Yeah!
1sHold onto this, Stewie.
3.17sIt'll be a souvenir of your first major-league game with your dad.
2.8sMy God. I-I shall cherish this forever.
3.04sI say, Opie, I'll trade you this baseball for your souvenir bat.
1.47sWhat did you learn?
1sThis is great.
3.07sWe haven't done anything together like this since we saw Mike Tyson get bEAT.
1.07sAll Right, Mike,
3.05sThe word, again, is "onomatopoeia."
1.57sI'm sorry. That's incorrect.
1.17sOh, dang!
2.43sI'm so glad you talked us all into playing hooky.
1.82sMe, too. Hey, Maybe we can get on T.V.
1.95sif we take our shirts off and run onto the field.