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1.47sBob Dole.
1.13sThere you are!
1.53sPeter, I caught Stewie smoking.
1.35sThat cigarette company is evil.
2.03sWe can't be a part of this anymore.
2sLois, this is the best job I ever had!
1.87sHey, Since I became president,
2.8sprofits have been higher than Alyssa Milano.
2.09sWhat kind of cheap shot... Joel!
2sI'm suing. I'm suing. I'm on it. I'm on it.
1.88sMr. Griffin, Time for your speech.
1.87sBut, Peter, what about your son?
1.37sSo Stewie had a puff.
1.67sHe's old enough to make his own decisions.
1.43sFor God's sakes, Lois, he's one.
1.37sCut the umbilical cord!
1.79sLadies and gentlemen of Congress,
2.87sI am here today to talk to you about smoking.
2.77sOh, Please, Peter, do the right thing.
4.02sI know a lot of you are already on my side.