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2.24sThat's that nuclear plant they just opened.
2.2sYeah, that's your future, bustin' atoms.
3.35sCan you imagine us workin' there? The whole Carl Crew?
2.09sHey, I thought we were called Lenny and the Jets.
1.75sAh, you're both wrong.
2.73sWe're the Moe Szyslak Experience, featuring Homer.
0.67sI like the sound of that.
2.07sFriends forever?
1.35sFriends forever.
1.6s- Ow! - Ow, that hurts!
0.27sMan, we're stupid.
1.67sHate you guys.
3.47sThe next morning we went out to the old quarry to have a swim.
2.92sYou guys really gonna dive off of here?
3.82sNot me. I'm shaking like a French soldier.
2.18sYeah. I think I just logged onto my Internet.
1.77sOnly a moron would jump into that--
3.04sOh, my God!