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1.95sWhat? You mean that time he wigged out?
4.04sWell, uh, give me some of that Indian memory tea there and I'll tell you all about it.
3.94sMmm, that's good Yaqui!
4.54sOkay. That night, we camped out under the stars.
2.7sAh, look at all them stars.
3.29sBunch of lazy lights. Don't do nothin' for nobody.
2.72sHey, you know what I'm looking forward to? The future.
2.2sHave you heard about this Internet thing?
3.34sYeah. It's the inner netting they invented to line swim trunks.
2.68sIt provides a comforting snugness.
2.39sHey, what was that?
2.24sThat's that nuclear plant they just opened.
2.2sYeah, that's your future, bustin' atoms.