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1.6syou know, makin' the envelope and everything.
3.4sMmm. Let's see what you have, Moe.
3.24sNow this first thing is just gonna look like a used Band-Aid, and it is,
2.44sbut the rest of the stuff don't make no sense without it,
1.67sso, uh, you know, bear with me.
3.54sWow, Moe. You've been doing a lot of sleuthing.
3.47sOh, yeah. Oh, yeah. I sleuthed my ass off on this one.
3.04sOkay. This is a number 6 from somebody's address...
2.44sor is it a 9?
2.35sYou don't know. Uh, this is gravel.
2.2sOkay? Gravel.
3.02sThis is, uh-- That's more gravel. Okay.
5.61sOh, this is a shell that, to me-- this is just me talking--
1.87sit looks like a helmet for a mouse.