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3.07sI am going to make sure this never sees the light of day.
1.33sPeter, are you crazy?
1.9sStealing Mel Gibson's towels, bathrobes,
1.8sand Nazi paraphernalia is one thing,
2sbut this is a multi-million-dollar film.
2.12sAnd he's a very powerful man.
2.13sHe could have us arrested or--or killed.
1.57sIt's worth the risk, Lois.
3.04sTo save the world another 2 hours of torture.
5.27sWe gotta get rid of this thing for the sake of Jesus and Snoopy and all the other beloved children's characters.
1.17sLet's go!
1.67sPardon me. We work for Mel Gibson.
3.25sSeems he left something very valuable in his room and we're here to retrieve it.
2.17sMr. Gibson just checked out a moment ago.
1.62sUh, There he goes now.
1.77sOh--oh, Lois, run!
1.5sHey, stop!