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4.07sWell, then I guess this whole second honeymoon - was a waste of time. Peter--
1.17sI don't want to talk about it!
2.13sI'm just gonna watch British porn.
1.2sYou know, Margaret,
1.9swe could have sexual intercourse right now.
1sYes, yes we could.
1.2sMmm, But, let's not.
2.2sDo you think we were too hard on Chris tonight?
2.4sWhat? Oh, God, no, no.
2.15sNo, no, I don't-- I don't think so.
1.33sDo you?
3.37sOh, No, I just always feel badly when we have to be strict.
2.64sOh, Did I remember to turn the stove off?
2.34sI'm sorry for everything that's happened, Peter.
3.74sI guess I'm going through a phase right now where I'm only attracted to handsome men.
1.83sWell, what are we supposed to do, Lois?
2.12sJust admit that there's no excitement left in our marriage?
3.74sGo home and spend the rest of our lives looking at each other across the breakfast table,
1.83stalking about how much we both like Total?
1.87sOh, I love Total. Oh, Actually, so do I.
1.33sAnd it's healthy for us, too.
1.57sOh, God! It's starting already!