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2.05sDid you think you were cool?
2.13sDid you think you were grown up? Mmm-hmm?
1.9sI didn't actually drink any of it.
2.17sBesides, Jake Tucker gave it to me.
3.44sWell, We are going to have a talk with Jake's parents tomorrow after my burping.
2.12sAnd, in the meantime, you're grounded, Chris.
1.49sOh, Come on. That sucks!
1.22sDo you want us to pull over?
1.85sI don't care what you do!
2.4soh, We'll pull over. We'll pull over. Pull over.
2.84sIf your teachers ask about your bruises, what do you tell them?
3.29sI got hit by a baseball!
1.23s(Lois) Oh, Mel!
1.72sMel? Wait a minute.
2.29sYou were fantasizing about Mel Gibson.
2.97sYou... You don't find me attractive anymore.
1.97sHoney, I'm sorry. I know you're trying.
3.14sBut you can't force the spark back into our marriage.
4.07sWell, then I guess this whole second honeymoon - was a waste of time. Peter--