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1.17sYou're Mel Gibson?
2.42sYes, I've put on a few pounds for my next role.
5.62sI play Peter Griffin, a heroic warrior who defied the English to free England from the English.
3.6sHoly mackerel! Let me show you to your room, Mr. Gibson!
2sPeter, the toilet paper is made of money.
1.3sYeah, and look at this.
2.18sThey even got some of that high-class British porn.
3.75sAlmost. Almost. Almost.
1.62sThere we are. Well done.
2.05sDid you think you were cool?
2.13sDid you think you were grown up? Mmm-hmm?
1.9sI didn't actually drink any of it.
2.17sBesides, Jake Tucker gave it to me.
3.44sWell, We are going to have a talk with Jake's parents tomorrow after my burping.
2.12sAnd, in the meantime, you're grounded, Chris.
1.49sOh, Come on. That sucks!
1.22sDo you want us to pull over?
1.85sI don't care what you do!
2.4soh, We'll pull over. We'll pull over. Pull over.
2.84sIf your teachers ask about your bruises, what do you tell them?
3.29sI got hit by a baseball!