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2.45sSuch as Christianity enthusiast Mel Gibson,
2.94swho has his own room on permanent reserve.
2.92sA room which he barely uses.
2.08sBarely uses, huh?
2.17sLois, I just got an idea!
3.29sMuch better than that time I experimented with gene splicing.
1.43sUh, Lois, quick question.
1.64sDo we have any Tylenol?
1.33sOh, How I envy them, dog.
1.97sThey've got their whole lives ahead of them.
1.55sOh, Man, look at that kid.
1.92sThat is one ugly eighth grader.
2.1sYou don't want to hurt yourself dancing.
3.9sMake sure you stretch out those creamy hamstrings.
2.15sCome on, Chris. It's just vodka.