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1.98sDon't take that. Raise your voice to them.
1.64sHey! Knock it off!
2.77sLook, you kids are obviously in need of some type of activity.
1.27sSo, uh, uh, I don't know.
1.77sWhat do you say we read a book or something?
2.2sStewie, what does Peter have on his bookshelf?
4.77sUh, 2 Garfield books and the novelization of the movie Caddyshack.
3.37s"Mananananana," said Ty, sinking yet another ball.
2.74s"Mananananana--" Hang on.
1.9soh, Thank God.
2.94s"Garfield at Large, by Jim Davis."
1.84sNow, as you can see in this panel,
2.54sGarfield doesn't care for Nermal.
3.57sBut like him or not, Nermal is here to stay.
2.27sOr is he? Let's read on.
1.77sOk, I'll be there.
3.39sPeter and Lois were supposed to chaperone Chris' school dance tomorrow night.
1.35sSo, I guess it's up to me.
1.3sYou mean it's up to us.
1.88sClearly you need my help with this parenting thing.
1.52sYou're too stupid to do it alone.
1.8sBesides, I know how to deal with children,
1.58sunlike Mr. Geppetto.
3.04sOh, no. I dropped my glasses.