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1.65sEverybody, I got bad news.
1.17sWe've been cancelled.
2.3sOh no, Peter, how could they do that?
3sWell, Unfortunately, Lois, there's just no more room on the schedule.
6.97sWe've just got to accept the fact that Fox has to make room for terrific shows like Dark Angel, Titus, Undeclared,
1.93sAction, That Eighties Show,
2.23sWonderfalls, Fastlane,
5.5sAndy Richter Controls the Universe Skin, Girls Club, Cracking Up,
3.2sThe Pitts, Firefly, Get Real,
4.7sFreakyLinks, Wanda at Large, Costello, The Lone Gunmen,
4.17sA Minute with Stan Hooper, Normal, Ohio, Pasadena,
4.3sHarsh Realm, Keen Eddie, The Street, American Embassy,