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1.8sI guess it just goes to show that you--
1.65sShut up and let's do it!
1.23s(LOIS) Oh, Peter!
1.1s(PETER) Yes!
2.14sHey, Hey, Jefferson, check it out.
1.53sA chick getting nailed on my head.
3.17sSweet. Hey, Teddy, pass the word down to Frankenstein.
1.43sOh, ha-ha!
4.69sIn local news, a Buddy Cianci Junior High School student has been arrested for possession of drugs.
5.12sThe student has been sentenced to 200 hours of community service and is a very bad boy.
3.25sWe now go to Ollie Williams for the punishment forecast. Ollie?
1.37sHe gonna get it! Thanks, Ollie.
1.18sNow this.
1.97sSo you actually put coke in that kid's locker?
1.37sYup. Wow, Where'd you get it?
1.1sOh, I got a guy.
1.7sDon't let it get the best of you.
1.7sI used to be a lawyer.
1.23sSee you next week.
1.97sGood to be back, America.