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2.9sWhat? What does that have to do with a sick child?
2.37sLook, it's a nice night out, you're eating at a fancy buffet,
2.3sthe captain does his Al Pacino...
2.52sJoe, we're really more of a Fireman's Ball family.
3.5sOh, yeah? Are the firemen gonna come and put out the rape?
2.24s(SIGHS) Peter, we can't let this happen.
3.35sI mean, we're parents. What if this was one of our kids?
1.54sIt's too bad we're not the A-Team.
1.97s'Cause then we could just go in there and steal that kid.
1.73sI don't know about that, Peter.
1.48sKidnapping is against the law.
2.07sIt's too bad we're not Taken from Taken.
3.87sThen I could dip my head in brown paint and galumph around Europe looking for my hot daughter.
2sAlthough is it any worse than what they're doing?
1.53sThey're letting a kid die.
1.5sIt's too bad we're not Dragonheart.
2.77sThen we could just fly around on a dragon and forget about all this.
2.62sYou know what? That's exactly what we should do.
2sWhat? What the hell are you talking about?
3.97sI'm talking about us going in there and taking that kid and getting him some help.
3.14sI mean, I know it's wrong, but it's better than just letting him die.
2.97sHey, that's not a bad idea. It's like we're doing a public service.
2.19sLike those idiots who get together to paint a school.