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6.07sI know it's frustrating, Lois, but the fact is, there are no laws that say those people have to take their child to the doctor.
1.27sHow can that be?
2.77sChildren are citizens, too. They should have rights.
2.2sWell, it's a tricky area, Lois.
2.07sYou could file a suit, but that could take months,
5.02sand even then, there's no guarantee the court wouldn't support the parents' right to practice their religion.
3.74sHow could we live in a country that would allow a sick child to die?
4.2sLook, this country was founded by people who came here to escape religious persecution.
2.27sThey made sure we all had a right to religious freedom,
1.77sand it's my job to protect that.
2.87sSo there's nothing we can do?