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2.44sYou have a habit of saying the wrong thing.
1.97sDuring his 22-year reign,
2.77sthis French monarch known as "The Spider King"
4.44shad an ongoing feud with Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy.
1.97sPeter? Who was King Louis XII?
3.95sOoh, I'm sorry, Peter, we were looking for King Louis XI.
1.18sAh, damn it, I knew that!
2.9sWell, if that doesn't suck a big, black cock.
1.67sKing Louis XI.
1.32sTim, select.
7.17s(DOORBELL RINGING) Oh, Lois, Peter, come on in. We were just praying for Scotty's recovery.
1.47sIf you'd like, you can join us.
2.3sWell, that's what we wanted to talk to you about.
2.24sYou'd better not just have church toys.
2.17sLook, I don't mean to question your religious beliefs,