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1.07sWell, that may be, Meg,
1.6sbut that poor little baby has cancer,
2.77sand they're just gonna take him home and pray over him?
3.15sWell, that's what they do. They believe that disease is just an illusion.
2.44sAnd the only way to fight it is to make your faith stronger.
2.99sIllusions! You want to talk about illusions?
2.57sIf you die tomorrow, you think we're gonna be devastated.
1.13sBut you know what?
1.73sWe're just gonna go out and buy another dog!
6.64sAnd maybe this dog will fetch a stick and bring me my slippers instead of prattling on about the pros and cons of various religions!
2.2sChris, I think you've had too much sugar cereal.
2.29sI think I haven't had enough!
4.6sPeter, I have to go talk to the Jennings and ask them to reconsider getting treatment for Scotty.
1.78sI'm going with you, Lois. Yeah, I'll go, too.
2.32sAll right, but try to keep your mouth shut, okay?
2.44sYou have a habit of saying the wrong thing.
1.97sDuring his 22-year reign,
2.77sthis French monarch known as "The Spider King"
4.44shad an ongoing feud with Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy.
1.97sPeter? Who was King Louis XII?
3.95sOoh, I'm sorry, Peter, we were looking for King Louis XI.