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3.32sBut you shouldn't have brought him to the hospital without talking to us first.
1.27sWhy wouldn't we bring him?
2.77sHe was unconscious. He clearly needed treatment.
1.93sOh, no, he doesn't receive treatment.
1.45sWe're Christian Scientists.
2.05sWe don't accept medical care for ourselves,
1.6sand we don't permit it for our children.
1.79sBut your son has cancer!
1.57sWait a minute. Christian Science.
4.44sIs that, is that that thing all them homo Hollywood actors do to keep their stuff out of other guys' butts?
2.7sDon't you understand? Scotty needs help.
2.08sAnd he'll get it. Through faith.
4.12sThat's right. We will heal him with the power of prayer.
2.17s(STAMMERING) You can't just let them walk out of here!
2.94sOh, I think they'll be back. (JANGLING) Are those their keys?
1.27sNo, they're my keys.