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3.09sWell, that's why we have the lab.
1.32sWell, I just got off the phone with Hope,
3.1sand it sounds like Scotty's gonna make a full recovery.
1.07sYou hear that, Stewie?
1.8sLooks like your little friend's gonna be okay.
4.2sOh, I don't care about him. I've got a new friend who's got leprosy.
1.69s(LAUGHS) See, he's funny.
2.43sPeter, are you actually reading that Christian Science book?
1.69sYeah, you know, I figured I'd give it a shot.
2.47sI mean, wouldn't it be cool if you could pray really hard for something,
2.08sand it actually happened?
3.5s(PEOPLE CHEERING) I am so happy for me. I deserve this.
2.23sWhen do you think the Queen's gonna die?