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1sToo late!
1.07sThere they are!
1.5sLois, please!
2.7sStop what you're doing and give Scotty back to us!
1.53sI can't do that, Hope.
2.64sBut we've entrusted our son into the Lord's hands.
0.95sI know.
2.59sAnd maybe that's why he ended up in my hands.
2.4sThe Lord can't do everything, you know?
1.27sBlasphemy! Heresy!
1.98s(LAUGHS) Sorry, I don't even know what's going on. How you doin'?
3.19sBen, Hope, I know you don't believe in modern medicine,
2.34sbut you do believe in the power of prayer.
1.28sThat's right.
2.5sAnd through the years, when there was disease or infection,
2.94speople of good faith would pray to God for a cure.
1.47sYes. It's what we do.
6.79sWell, then isn't it possible that penicillin, vaccines and antibiotics are all actually answered prayers?