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0.5sA kitty cat.
1.07sA doggy.
2.03sKevin Smith, 'cause he's too fat to ride a plane!
1.6sOkay, I heard kitty cat.
3.24sOh, there's a kitty cat a-riding on the train...
2.94sGod, you know, I don't know why this guy's wife isn't here watching this stuff.
2.3sIf I were her, I'd be here every show.
5.45sThere's a kitty cat a-riding on the train Thanks, everybody. See you next week.
1.82sYay! He's a good singer.
3.7sYeah, I've been catching his library shows since there were only, like, three or four kids here.
2.37sYou should have been here, man. Those were the shows.
2.27sOh, looks like somebody made a friend.
2.05sI know. Aren't they cute together?
2sI'm Lois. Hi, I'm Hope.
2.84sAny relation to Bob Hope? (LAUGHS)
1.4sI'm kidding!
2.08sI'm kind of known for having a twisted sense of humor.
2.97sOh, don't worry, I watch Regis and Kelly. I can handle it.
2.3sOh, so, you know.
1.15sThis is my husband Ben.