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1.6sSo, no hard feelings?
1.93sNo, no, let's just put it all behind us.
2.27sYou wanna come over for some tea and cookies?
3.8sAre you a giving tree or a receiving tree?
1.33sA bit of breaking news.
2.64sA local family is forced out of their home by ghosts.
1.47sWho are they gonna call?
1.24sGhostbusters, Tom?
2.04sNo, Diane, their insurance company.
1.63sThat's just stupid what you said.
3.57sAnd now back to Disney's Too Many Ostriches starring Don Knotts.
2.97sThere's way too many ostriches.
3.04sWhy are there so many ostriches?