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2.57sbut the exit is your daughter's bum.
1.3sMeg's ass!
6.14sGod, this is even weirder than when Bob Costas insisted on getting into the tub with me every time I took a bath.
1.9sAh, this will be relaxing.
2.44sHello again, Peter, and this is gonna be great.
3.6sWe can talk sports and we can play with your tub toys.
3.27sYeah, listen, Bob, this is-- this is kind of my time.
2.54sAh, a miniature boat. And if I'm not mistaken,
2sit's a replica of the Gretel II,
3.74swhich lost the America's Cup to Intrepid in 1973.
2.7sYeah, uh, I'm going to dry off now.
1.94sPeter, now that you're getting out of the tub,
1.84swhat will you miss most?
1.64sYou ready down there?
1.37sOkay, Meg, if this works,
2.2sthen we might just have a chance at getting Stewie back.
1.3sAre you ready? No.
1.23sOkay, here we go.
0.8sGot it!
1.9sCool! Ass ball!
1.3sPeter, it worked!
2.44sWe found the portal to the other side.