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1.3sOh, what's the point?
1.37sDoes anybody even watch this show?
1.77sWell, yeah, old people.
1.87sI mean, they--they--they don't really pay attention.
1.83sThey--They just like the noise and the company.
1.64sHey, how you doing?
1.8sHow's that hip doing there?
1.63sRemember the '40s?
1.27sHey, everybody.
4.07sI'm just here to let y'all know that movie night's been moved to Joe's place.
1.97sWhat? But we--we always do it here.
2.2sMovie night at the Griffin house is a tradition.
3.84sYeah, but Joe just finished putting in his new home theater.
2sIt's gonna be tight, y'all.
2.8sOh, my God, Joe, how did you do this?
3.37sI built it myself with supplies I got at the Home Supply downtown.
3.17sBetween you and me, I think Joe's got a little free time these days.
2.17sI hear he hasn't touched Bonnie in months.
2.03sPeter, you just whispered that to me.
1.2sShh. Here he is.
2.2sJoe, what a great job you've done here.
2.1sAll right, let's get this started.