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2.34sJohn, do you take Kelly to be your wife?
3.34sI totally do. I mean, yeah, yes. Absolutely.
3.7sAnd I- I'm going to do stuff to her, too, like, touch her.
4.54sYeah, touch her and, uh, kiss her and touch her penis.
2.04sI mean, no, not that. Not that.
1.2sGood night, buddy.
1.2sHey, what's the matter?
2.1sI'm scared of the storm, Dad.
2.5sWhy, you know, I think the storm is moving away from us, Chris.
1.03sYou know how I can tell?
1.57sHere's a little trick.
5.34sWhen you see the lightning, you count all the terrible things that can happen to a child, until you hear the thunder.
1.64sAnd if you count higher each time,
1.63syou know the storm is moving away from you.
1.5s- Okay, ready? - Ready.
1.43sOkay. Drowning.
1.8sGetting shot in a drive-by.