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4.04sUm, he's still playing Joey, but, uh, it's not doing so well.
5.27sUh, Lois, have you noticed some spooky things going on ever since Peter brought that skull into the house?
1.64sNo. What are you talking about?
2.43sWell, like the whole business last night with the TV.
2.37sI'm just saying, maybe we have a poltergeist.
2.87sBrian, there's no such thing as ghosts. It's all just...
6.67s(GASPING) Oh, I must have accidentally stacked all those things upside down and then just forgot about it.
1.9sYeah, that's probably what happened.
3.7sI haven't seen this much denial since John Travolta married Kelly Preston.
2.34sJohn, do you take Kelly to be your wife?
3.34sI totally do. I mean, yeah, yes. Absolutely.
3.7sAnd I- I'm going to do stuff to her, too, like, touch her.
4.54sYeah, touch her and, uh, kiss her and touch her penis.
2.04sI mean, no, not that. Not that.