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1.53sGay Elmer Fudd.
4.37s(LAUGHING) The more you hear it, the funnier it gets.
2.24sWant some more peas, Chief Diamond Phillips?
2.27sPeter, I really think you should put that back where you found it.
2.47sYou know, Brian, I really don't think you should breast-feed the skull.
1.13sUh, I'm not breast-feeding.
1.27sAll right, fine. God, you're pushy.
2.2sSuck, suck, suck, suck, suck.
1.87sHey, cut it out! So many nipples. Suck, suck, suck.
1.93sKnock it off! Oh, I'm Brian. I'm having sustenance.
1.33sWhat's wrong with you? Look at me, everybody.
4.17sI'm breast-feeding in public even though it's wrong.
4.24sMAN ON TV: And now back to 1943's Fast Talking High Trousers.
1.67sWell, isn't this a fine song and dance?
1.5sWhat are you getting so hot about? Keep your shirt on.
1.3sWhere do you get off making remarks like that?
1.13sSupposing I say you're a lunkhead?
1.93sWell, I ain't much for supposing.
2.87sWell, supposing you were? Well, maybe I'm through supposing and I fix to start figuring. Ah, horseradish.
1.53sWell, aren't you a pocketful of firecrackers?
0.67sOh, yeah? You got something to say about it?
1sI'll say plenty.
3.87sI can't wait to see the expression on Joe's legs when I open my multiplex.
3.1sI have to say I'm a little concerned about the zoning for...
2.23sPeter, are you peeing in that skull?