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2.57sHey, look what Rocky bought me with his money.
1.67sFreaking Joe with his home theater.
1.77sHas to top everything I do.
4.07sWell, tomorrow I'm gonna go to that Home Supply and I'm gonna build an entire multiplex.
2.97sWell, let's just hope it looks better than that balcony you built.
2.74sBoy, that was a great episode of Lost. Wasn't it, fellows?
1.7sWell, at least the show's got the right name.
1.57sYeah, I couldn't follow any of it.
4.2s(BOTH LAUGHING) (LAUGHS) They don't care for most things.
1.13sCan I help you? Yeah.
1.23sUh, I hate my neighbor,
1.97sand I want to build something crazy out of spite.
1.87sWell, I'll take you to our Oneupsmanship aisle.
1.84sMan, this place has everything.
2.54sI bet you can even get one of those gay mailboxes.
2.54sHello, hello! Right here. Yeah, just right here.
1.37sJust go ahead and put that right in here.