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1.5sEw! That is vile.
2.53sI know. I hate myself, but it's so good.
3.54s(MOANING) Can I help you folks find something?
1.27sNo, we're just browsing.
1.5sGod, I hate it when they pester you like that.
2.24sPeter! Yes, we need help.
3sWe're looking for a skull that my husband threw away.
2.47sA skull, huh? Then you want the human remains bin.
2.54sBut I should warn you folks, we're pretty cleaned out right now,
3s'cause Carrot Top comes by every morning to rummage for new props.
3.37sWell, then we'll just have to pay this Carrot Top a visit.
1.27sHe's funny.
4.27sExcept for that one show he did in Ohio after the airline lost his luggage.
2.84sMALE ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen, Carrot Top!
2.27sAll right, you guys look like a good crowd.
2.2sI hope it goes well, 'cause I don't have my prop trunk.
3.4sI normally have, like, a--a case with all my little props and gadgets and whatnot,
1.33sbut, it's okay, you can use your imagination,
2.37slike maybe a piece of luggage that shoots dog biscuits.