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2.84sThat's how my old scoutmaster shakes hands.
4.1sBoy, this is more awkward than that threesome when the girl didn't show up.
2.9sSo, uh, you definitely left her a voicemail?
1.23sYeah. Two.
1.67s- Home and cell. - Oh, good, you got the cell, too.
2.03sOkay, I was-- I was gonna say.
1.5sEw! That is vile.
2.53sI know. I hate myself, but it's so good.
3.54s(MOANING) Can I help you folks find something?
1.27sNo, we're just browsing.
1.5sGod, I hate it when they pester you like that.
2.24sPeter! Yes, we need help.
3sWe're looking for a skull that my husband threw away.
2.47sA skull, huh? Then you want the human remains bin.
2.54sBut I should warn you folks, we're pretty cleaned out right now,
3s'cause Carrot Top comes by every morning to rummage for new props.