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1.97sA soup kitchen, Dad?
1.9sIsn't there any other place we can go?
1.07sWe're homeless, Meg.
1.57sThis is where homeless people go.
2.03sWell, it'll just be good to get some food in us.
2.37sHi, welcome to the soup kitchen.
3.37sI'll just start you off with this basket of pizza crusts and apple cores.
2sOh, and we do have one special today.
3.37sIt's an avocado pit with a little bit of avocado still on it,
2.3sand that comes on a ripped pair of boxer shorts.
6.71sNow, I'm trying to decide between the tossed spaghetti on a newspaper and the half yogurt with the balled-up tissue in it.
2.7sHi, there. Do you have any books on how to get rid of ghosts?
3.44sHave you tried telling them you're ready for a commitment?