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3.17sBetween you and me, I think Joe's got a little free time these days.
2.17sI hear he hasn't touched Bonnie in months.
2.03sPeter, you just whispered that to me.
1.2sShh. Here he is.
2.2sJoe, what a great job you've done here.
2.1sAll right, let's get this started.
2.87sWOMAN: Thank you for choosing Joe Swanson Theaters.
2.8sRocky, please don't go to Mars and fight the Martian.
1.77sI got to do what I got to do.
2.07sBut there's no oxygen on Mars.
3sYeah? That means there's no oxygen for him, either.
2.07sThat Martian wants a fight, he'll get a fight.
3.37sYou can't win, Rock! You're 60 years old!
2.57sHey, look what Rocky bought me with his money.