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4.74sAlso, we want to thank the whole town for their generosity.
2.8sHey, look. It's little Bart's fire truck.
4.07sLittle Lisa's sweater. Little Homer's sausage.
2.29sWhat in the name of holy hell is going on here?
2.84sOh, it's true. We weren't robbed.
3.64sThat part we made up, but the rest is true.
3sWait. He's just covering for me.
4.17sI destroyed the presents. Then I buried the evidence. And I acted alone.
2.42sSo the family never knew about any of this?
4.9sWell, the boy told us, but that was after we filed a phony police report.
2.54sAnd after we spent all the townspeople's money.
4.17sSo you can see why my husband had to lie to you a moment ago.
2.45sSo this was all a scam.
1.94sAnd on Christmas.
3.74sYeah, Jesus must be spinning in his grave.