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2.1sOh, I don't like where this is going.
5.1sYour story made everyone at the orphanage so sad.
3.69sWe want you to have this dollar we were saving.
1.22sPlease, I don't deserve this.
1.87sHey, listen up, everybody.
2.33sThe Simpsons are the best friends I ever had.
2.45sSo I'm giving them the tip jar from the bar.
4sMy goodness, there is over $15,000 here.
3.84s15,000 Missoulians? Holy "schlamola"!
1.7sWhat are you gonna do with all that "kablingy"?
1.93sWell, if you mean the money,
2.84sI suppose we'll just replace the items the burglar took--
2.17sBoring! Spend it on something fun.
3.65sGo wild! Ha! Right, Seymour? Yes, something wild.
2.03sYeah, enjoy, huh? Get something fun.
4.54s- Something stupid. - You only live once. - Speak for yourself.
3.52sMarge, kids, let's go buy some happiness.
2.63sGod bless you, Bart Simpson.