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2.74sAh, sounds like you're having a rough Christmas, Homer.
2.22sYou know what I blame this on the breakdown of?
2.5s- Society. - Yeah.
3.64sYou're right, Moe. You're always Moe.
2.42sHomer, look. Your house is on TV.
2.65sYou take that back, Barney.
3sNo, he's right, Homer. Stay out of this, old man.
4.34sDateline, Kent Brockman. i'm here at the scene of the Christmas burglary,
1.77swhere a creature was stirring last night...
3.67sand what he was stirring was up trouble.
2.07sIs your husband or lover here, ma'am?
3.37sNo, my husband is... at church.
3.72sAw, that's my girl. I love you, Marjorie.
2.9s- Yeah, she's quite a gal. - You shut up.
4.55sSo when you realized Christmas was ruined, how did you feel?
1.94sHow do you think I felt?
2.18sAbsolutely devastated.
2.33s"Absolutely devastated."
2.33sThe words of a heartbroken mother.