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1.93sLet's go to the barn and meet the animals.
2.8sYeah! Hey, Mary, bet I'll beat you to the barn!
4.14sThat sounds like a really chauvinistic presumption.
2.37sI mean, because I'm a woman, you think you'll beat me?
3.8sA man is automatically better than a woman at any physical challenge?
2.84sWell, here are a few women who might beat you to the barn.
2.07sJoanie Benoit, Jackie Joyner-Kersee,
2sBabe Didrikson Zaharias, Mary Decker,
1.9s- Zola Budd... - DAN: Cut!
2.5sKarina, your line is, "That sounds fun."
2.48sWell, yes, Dan, but I felt that just because we're on a farm,
3.64sit doesn't mean we have to be stuck in the 19th century with our value system.
2.44sMary needs to stand up for herself.
1.48sHmm. Interesting.
3.54sI suppose we don't really have an outspoken female character on the show.
1.32sDamn right, you don't.
2.18sCould be a possible breakout if we play it right.
2.9sAll right, Karina, we'll try it your way and see what happens.
2.95s(CHUCKLES) Good luck. She'll be gone in three episodes.
4.4sMAN: Go, Stewie, go