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1.43sYou're out of your mind.
1.47sBrian, we both know I touched it.
1.57sNow if you'd like to keep that just between us,
2.77sI suggest you sit back down and order me some chicken fingers.
1.87sSee? We're having a nice time.
4.07sMan, I love Cheese Nips. It's a snack and a racial slur.
0.97sHello, what's this?
3.6sWell, Peter, you know how you always say you want to do more role-playing?
5.72sI was thinking, how about I be the sexy suburban mom and you be my daughter's boyfriend, Anthony?
1.07sNo, not tonight, Lois.
1.47sI just had a fart that hurt my balls,
1.74sso I'm kind of out of commission right now.
1.87sIt's one of those ka-blam farts.
1.73sSounds like you're making up excuses.
1.23sAll right, fine, we'll have sex.
1.67sFirst, turn off the light, get under the covers up to your neck,
1.73sturn away from me and lose seven pounds.
1.8sJust get the hell out of here!
1.43sClose one!
2.33sAll right, first scene up is on page 12.
3.89sEverybody, this is our new Jolly Farm resident, Karina Smirnoff.