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1.6sYou must think I'm a fool.
2.27sI'm sorry, I didn't mean to come on too strong.
1.43sOh, that's all right.
3.14sI've been missing a man's touch, lo these many months.
2.07sAnd I've been missing a woman's touch.
1.87sBrian... Brian! It's me, Stewie!
3.8sOh, my God, that was hilarious! You really fell for it!
1.42sI was like, "Is he gonna fall for this?"
1.27sAnd then when you did, I was like,
1.94s"I guess I should see how far I can take it,
1.3s"'cause, you know, it'll be funnier."
2.08sI'm gonna kill you! Why are you dressed like that?
2.37sBecause I'm the star of Jolly Farm.
2.57sRemember how they only needed little girls?
1.53sOh, my God.
0.82sI'm telling Lois.
1.73sYou're not telling anybody, friend.
2.87sNo, no, you're gonna be my on-set guardian.
1.43sYou're out of your mind.
1.47sBrian, we both know I touched it.
1.57sNow if you'd like to keep that just between us,
2.77sI suggest you sit back down and order me some chicken fingers.
1.87sSee? We're having a nice time.