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2.57s- Hello, there. - Hello.
3.14sUm, I'm new in town and I'm awfully lonely.
2.17sI'm wondering if you wouldn't mind buying me a drink.
1.67sWell, that'd be my pleasure.
2.64sAnd maybe later I can show you some of the local points of interest.
1.97sThere's one right below the table.
2.14sOh, my! You're very bold.
3.14sWell, when your lifespan is 13 years, you gotta be direct.
2.53sLucky for you, I like bold men.
1.6sKarina. Karina Smirnoff.
1.74sBrian Steel.
1.35sOh! Good heavens!
1.7sMan, your accent is sexy.
1.87sThis is all moving very quickly.
2.33sI'm afraid I'm a little light-headed.
1.6sYou must think I'm a fool.
2.27sI'm sorry, I didn't mean to come on too strong.
1.43sOh, that's all right.
3.14sI've been missing a man's touch, lo these many months.