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1.45sWell, your cousin is fine,
2.28sbecause I was acting!
0.87sThat's impressive!
1.77sRisky. Very risky.
1.85sAll right, fun's over. What do you want me to read?
2.32sWe want you to read your new contract!
1.6s(GASPS) You mean it?
1.77sAbsolutely! You're hired!
3.1sOh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh!
2.6sWell, I guess sometimes you're just right for the part.
3.09sLike James Earl Jones playing Darth Vader.
4.64sSo, James, we just want you to do the voice.
2.1sThanks for taking time for me today, Bonnie.
1.83sI just didn't know who else to talk to.
2.53sOh, that's okay, Lois. What's on your mind?
2.54sWell, you're gonna think I'm an awful person,
2.27sbut I'm attracted to another man.
1.33sIt's Meg's boyfriend, Anthony.
1.37s(DISAPPOINTEDLY) Giggity...
4.05sIt's just that, lately, Peter's been making me feel so crappy about my age, and...
4.24sWell, then I'm around Anthony and he looks at me like I'm young and attractive.