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1.57sGood night, Julie.
1.75sWell, I hope you're happy, Peter.
2.15sOur daughter hates me and it's all because of you!
1.5sMe? What the hell did I do?
4.2sYou've made me feel so unattractive lately that I went and did something disgusting and abhorrent,
1.7sand I'm ashamed of myself.
2.37sPeter, I made out with Meg's boyfriend.
2sYou made out with Meg's boyfriend?
1.43sHow the hell could you do that to me?
4.8sBecause, Peter, you've been making me feel old and fat and unattractive and worthless.
2.1sHow do you expect me to respond?
4sLois, I think you're the most beautiful woman I ever seen in my life.
4.04sWell, but then why have you been saying all these horrible things?
3.54sBecause I'm old and fat and unattractive and worthless.
3.8sAnd ever since my birthday last month, I've been really feeling it.
2.27sI guess I thought that if I could bring you down,