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1.03sJulie's gone!
1.03s(AS STEWIE) That's fine, Brian,
1.17swe're having a conversation up here!
1.67sThat girl in the wheelchair called me a name!
2.7s(AS KARINA) Yes, well, that gives you no right to be a blaggard!
2.13sMeg, honey, I think we need to talk.
2.17sI don't want to talk to you. Get out!
1.92sLook, I understand that you're upset.
3.37sYou made out with my boyfriend! How could you do that?
3.67sI don't know, sweetheart, but I am so, so sorry.
1.37sIt was an awful thing that I did.
1.83sI never meant to steal him from you.
3.22sIs that what you think? You stole him from me?
2.7sAre you kidding? You couldn't steal him from me.
2.1sWell, I do know a few things, Meg.
2.37sAnd clearly, if I wanted him I could have him.
2.1sYou really think you stand a chance.
3sLook at you. You're old. You're nothing!
2.67sYou couldn't even imagine the things I do for him.
3.44sAnd this isn't about making out. This is about power tools.
2.37sYeah, I go to places you couldn't get back from.