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1.43sGood point.
2.39sAm I the only one who wants to wet some knuckle tonight?
1.72sYeah. How'd your cousin do it?
1.73sShe wore a mask. Don't you get it?
3sIf we wear our masks and we don't take them off for the whole party,
1.33sthe boys won't know who we are,
1.7sand we'll have a better chance of hooking up.
1.03sGood idea!
1.2sWe are so gonna hook up!
0.98sI think we look hot.
1sTotally hot.
1.45sUgly bitches!
1.43sJOE: So, what's the story, Quagmire?
3.07sDo you observe any particular Japanese customs?
2.2sQUAGMIRE: Oh, yeah, I'm very in touch with my Asian roots.
2.2sYou notice I take my shoes off whenever I enter my house.
1.27sPETER: Oh, yeah.
3.14sI do five hours of math homework every night even though I'm no longer in school.
3.24s(JOE EXCLAIMS) Sometimes I drink out of a wooden box.
1.37sAh, very Asian.